Dear ana's, my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana. i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny. ~E

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Trick To Curb Your Hunger

this is another simple trick I use to curb my appetite,

I look and see how many calories are in what ever I want to eat, then I imagine that each calorie is a *gulp* spoonful of stomach fluid. A.K.A. throw up. 

I stumbled across this one day while i was reading an article about a Bulimic woman who died after her stomach ripped after eating 3 and 1/2 liters of food, she wanted to throw it up but it was so much food that she died on the bathroom floor. yeah, creepy.

Any ways, they showed us a picture of what was in her stomach, and i thought, "Imagine how many calories are in that." And that's how i came up with this. Think of each calorie as a spoonful of stomach fluid, look up pictures of the gross stuff, this will help you at least eat lower calorie foods! good luck, and stay strong! ~E

the salt game

This is a game I am just starting myself, its a game to help you avoid a binge, its really quite simple and I hope it helps!

When ever you binge, you simply go into the bathroom, and make a drink, consisting of salt, and warm water. and you drink it. In case you don't already know this, salt water is AWFUL. It is probably the worst thing i have ever tasted!!!! The reason i have tasted it before, is because it is so vile that it is an instant-puke concoction. Your body literally rejects it. That's why its perfect for the Salt Game. Every time you binge, drink some salt water, this will not only probably make you puke, it also makes you dread binging. it makes you stop and think, "is this really worth the pain of the Salt???" And trust me, it NEVER is. 

So this game is really simple; eat, drink salt water. the end. If you really CAN'T STAND the salt water, you could always chew Aspirin, they taste awful, but not as bad as salt, which i still recommend.  Any questions or comments I'll be happy to take:) Stay strong lovelies!! ~E

Monday, December 17, 2012


these are important things to know if you are trying to lose weight, and its just really good to know them:

BMI: your BMI stands for Body Mass Index, its basically what percentage of your body, is fat. its nice to know this when comparing to people,(in your case probably Ana-buddies) that are different ages of heights. if your BMI is, 18.5 to 24.99 , you are normal, a good weight. if you are any higher, you are obese, if you are any lower, you are underweight. but we Ana's like to be in the 'under weight' category:) .  here is a calculator that will help you find your BMI: 

BMR: your BMR isn't as important or used, but it is out there, so i thought you should know what it is. BMR, is how many calories your body burns in a day. because your body burns calories every second even if your doing nothing. this calculator will help you see how many calories you burn while doing nothing. like, lying in bed not moving: 

i hope this helps, if you didn't all ready know this. its really good to track your BMI, because we are all aiming towards that underweight category, this will tell you if you are there or not. ~E

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

how to NOT binge

this is maybe the hardest thing, for me anyway.
       if you can see food in sight, and you really want to eat it, chances are, you arent thinking straight! there is that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that its gross, its bad for you, your better than this, think of what its made of.....but you dont listen to it because all you can think about is how good it would taste to eat it.
         what you can try, (it works for me)is go into the fridge, and eat a stalk of celery. it will give you time to really go over what you wanted/want to do. you can also, make your self some tea, anything to keep you mouth busy and away from that delicious fat.
            also, if you know that you are going to have the opportunity to eat junk (mom says shes going to buy donuts...ext), paint your nails. sounds weird i know, but havent you ever noticed that you are always more careful with your hands after you have your nails done? your more delicate with what you touch. this will make you think about what your hands are doing when you eat. and, the chemical smells that the nail polish smells like will curb your appetite.
           test your self. look at the cookies, sniff them touch them even! look at them with disgust, if you can do this with out eating them, its like winning something inside, it makes you feel more confident that you can resist.
           REWARD YOURSELF!!! you beat the hunger baby! your strong, your thin, your a True Ana! congratulate yourself by doing some crunchies, work of those calories you didnt eat!!! just remember; dont eat the cookies! its NEVER worth it! if you need any help with self control, have ideas about what i should write about, have any questions or just need to talk to someone who gets you, you can email me(email adress found in the 'contact me' column), stay strong my sweets:) ~E

the calorie game

i call this, "the calorie game". its a 'game' that rewards you for exercising.  you first get a box or jar or piggy bank, then, another. here is how you play:
   every time you exercise, see how many calories you burned, either by looking it up or using a pedometer..ext. for every 10 calories you burn, but a penny (1 cent or 0.01 for USA dollars), in the jar. (example:burned 450 cals =$ 0.45) if you keep up the exercise you will continue to earn alot of money, when the jar is full, use the money to buy something lovely for your self!
    BUT, if you binge, or eat when you dont have to, take away the amount of calories you consumed, and put it in the other jar(example: eat a cookie 150 cals= -$0.15.) then, at the end of the month, put all the money in the second jar, into a poor box/donation. this will motivate you not to binge and its kinda fun to see all the calories you burned in money form:)  RULE!: you can also after a binge, exercise EXTRA to earn the money back from the poor jar(if you enjoy giving money to the poor, you can change the poor box to a sibling-charity or something else you hate.
    hope this game will motivate you:) ~E

Monday, December 10, 2012

a side affect (for girls)of the pro ana life style

i thought i should mention this, because when it first happened to me i freaking flipped out!
     if you are a return ana you might already know this but if your new, itl jump you. after a while eating pro ana, your periods will stop. you might start flipping out thinking you maybe got pregers or something--YOU DIDNT! this is just your body preserving all the iron in your body, once you start fasting/cutting back, your body wont be able to give stuff away so easily. this does not mean you cant have children!!!!!! i know people who have missed periods for up to a year, once they start eating again, the peroids will come back!!!!! but, if you miss periods for a long long time, there is a big chance you cant have kids, and a big chance of miscarages.
    just thought i should let you know because when this happened to me i had no clue what to think(im still a virgan so....). ~E


when hating food isnt enough, being in pain because of food is.
      Assosiating food with pain is an awesome way to steer clear of it. most people wear a rubber band on their wrist and snap it when they think about food, but that method never worked with me. what i do when i eat, is imagion this awful tummy ache, i CRINGE at every bite i eat. the ache feels like really bad cramps, and the flu. i imagion that when ever i eat, and then it acually happens! after i eat i feel really sick, and so i stay away from food to avoid feeling that pain.
    this can also help with having meals with other people, tell them that you have a really sensitive stomache, they will eventualy get used to the fact that you dont eat much because of this.
   this works because your body and your mind will work together and relize that you "feel sick" because of food, they will turn that imagionary pain into a real pain. now, im not sure that this will work for everyone, because i really only have one body to test it on:)  you really just have to hate hate HATE the taste, and the mear thought of food, because this method wont work if you enjoy every bite of food you eat! hope this works! and dont be shy asking for advice by email or coment, thats where i got the idea to write about this from:)  goooood luck!~E

Saturday, December 8, 2012

help me help you

heres the thing, my family is a kinda weird untraditional family. like, half the family is Jewish, and half is home schooled.... so i dont know what kind of advice you need the most! family, friends, temptation, holiday help me help you! tell me what it is YOU need the most advice on! i have tips on EVERYTHING cause im just that cool:)  so please comment or email me and tell me what you need more help on! i really want to help! i spent HOURS trying to figure everything out in the beginning, and on those question sites, all i got was comments saying i needed to get help, and i was stupid. sound familiar? so i want to help you so you dont have to go through what i did:) ~E

how to dress

this is quite tricky. i mentioned earlier that you should wear baggy clothes, but i think i need to be more spesific.
     how you dress is very important. you dont want it to look like you are getting deadly thin. people might get suspisious.
     try layering it up! wear tank tops under tee's, or two long sleeved shirts. also try wearing a sweatshirt--BUT this should not be a loose sweat shirt! if its a big, loose sweatshirt it will make you look even skinnier! with pants, really your legs look the same in anything, but try to avoid wearing boots/shoes that are 'puffy'. like furry ones or ones with indian tassles, these will draw attention to your skinny legs.
      you might be woundering why i want you to look fatter than you really are, isnt the point of pro ana to look and feel skinnyer? yes of course! BUT you cant really BE pro ana if your parents send you a recovery center, or watch you eat because your so thin! if you are over weight, then lose weight first, and ONCE you hit the under weight line, THEN you start dressing fat, because it will make you look like you are a normal healthy wieght! if you are allready normal/under weight, you should start dressoing fat NOW. next time you go shopping pick up some thick fabric blouses, or some (my favorite choice) V-necks that need a tank top underneth.
            good luck! ~E

cold is the key,

temperature. thats a biggie when boosting your metabolisam. you always want to drink cold water--freezing! it boosts your metabolisam, because your body starts working harder to keep your body warm, therefore, burning more calories ;)
     you want to also take cold showers(this is not a must, i know alot of you out there love your hot showers:) ). and keep your temperature down at night--you burn aproximently 65 calories when you sleep, keeping your temperature low burns another 65.
     but! people who are anorexic tend to be cold too, so try to avoid hand holding and hugging around ana-educated friends/family.

Friday, December 7, 2012

how to contact me for addvice/?'s

my email is: 

i am home almost all the time so i can get back to you allmost everyday, im happy to help and i love to give addvice, when i was a new ana, NO ONE would help me! i want it to be different for you :) ~E

how to feel fuler/fight the cravings

  • drink lots lots lots of water!
  • drink green tea.
  • when eating, eat slowly (it takes your body 20 minutes to relize its full)
  • chew your food untill it disolves or for 30 seconds.
  • drink a sip of water inbetween every bite.
  • avoid bread(it is fast to disolve which makes it so you dont feel very full)
  • drink water/green
  • think of usting things about food or that look like food(pizza=scabs/blood)
  • feel all of the bones in your body and how if you eat those bones will be covered in a layer of fat.
  • go look at images of "thinspo" see all the skinny beautiful girls.
  • true anas are strong!
  • exercise
  • clean something, the cleaning products will make you sick
  • take a walk
  • watch you tube videos about skinny people and their thinspo experience
  • listen to music
  • spin, it kills you apitite
hope these help! comment if you need some pointers or look at 'contact me' for my email ~E

set goals

the scale. i, unlike most anas, do not believe in weighing myself twice everyday. i think its a selfestem killer. i like to set a goal for the month(my december one is to loose 14lbs(84 to 70)) so what i do it:

1) at the begining of the month, i measure everthing:
  • weight (84)
  • height (5ft)
  • waist (22in)
  • chest (28in)
  • hips (29in)
  • mid-thigh(16in)
then i set a goal for at MOST 3 of those things:
  • weight (70)
  • waist (20)
  • thighs (12)
then i weigh myself every weekend (sat) and see if i need to work harder to acchive my goal, i do NOT measure myself, it seems to me like a bit of a spoiler<:) then i measure myself on that last date and see if i made it!whatever you do, DO NOT BECOME SCALE OBSESSED!!!! it will make you depressed, and in some casses it will make you say,"well im already fat i might as well stuff my face and give up and be more depressed!", i..yeah i almost did just that when i was scale obsessed<:.)

good luck! and be strong because Ana's Girl's Are Strong! ~E

all about purging

ah the art of purging! il tell you:how, when, why,and some tips!

WHY: only purge if you ate more then you needed to, if you can stick to the 150 cal diet, you wont need to barf!

HOW: this is the tricky part, if you are like me you imagioned purging like, it would just all come out then done! nope, sorry. its a: barf....barf...barf..ext prossess. you should frist drink some water, then you can either put your two fingers down your throght and dance them around untill your body contracts ans eventually coughs up something. or you can do what i do, i first drink water, then i kinda feel the vomit in mytrought, and i just...pull it up withmy trought/toung.(my toung goes on the roof of my mouth and i just...pull) if that 'feeling' never came in the first place, i drink somemore water, and spin in a circle. still no luck? next you can try spinning...stop! then lean your body back...and bend foward reall fast! still nothing? repeat this some more. STILL nothing? you COULD just drink some salt water...but its awuful! and the reason salt water makes you barf, is cuz its SO bad for you that your body literally rejects it. 

WHEN: right after you eat! with in an hour your food is digested.

TIPS/FACTS: you may have heard that barfing ruins your teeth--TRUE. the way to fix that is by after every other or every purge, you should rinse your mouth with baking soda and water(warm). you only barf up 80% of the food you intake (after aproximently 10 minutes of purging), so if you keep a calorie trcker/journal(like you should), write that 20% in. also, you can tell you have purged all you can when you barf up a clear/yellowish stuff that tastes really pucker-face-y, kinda acrid and lemonie.also, veggies are really easy to purge along with soft foods like ice cream--bread is impossibal to purge, so dont think you can just eat a ton of junk and just purge it--chances are, you will not be able to and end up gaining 2lbs that day!
good luck!~E

how to not eat at family dinners

oh, ima pro at this! here are some tips!:)

*cut you food into little peices--oldest trick in the book!
*move your food around on your plate, act like your trying to get the right peice or something
*talk. ALOT. because if your talking, you cant really eat!;)
*lean more over your food, rather than sloching back in your seat, because if you sit back in your seat, it looks like your done, and gives your family a chance to really look at whats left on your plate, while if you kinda lean over your food they cant get a good look at your food.
* keep eye contact to who ever is talking, because then thry have to look you in the eye which means they are not watching your plate,
*always have something in your hand, like a glass of water, or a pretsel--carrots are the best! they are crunchy(person can hear you chewing) and they are alot to swallow(there is always some more in your mouth to eat).
*NEVER finish first. ever. it seens like you ate little.
*if there is desert, get excited/happy("yay! candy!"<like that), and then, eat it when/if someone is watching, then when they look away stuff 1/2 in you pocket. <while your doing that, look at someone whos taking/moving, it will/might get everyone else to look over too, while you hide the food.
*if someone asks you why your not eating/eating little, here are some exuses:
  • dont feel very well/stomche is upset
  • ate a big bf/lunch
  • not 'in the mood' for whatever is serving
  • ate before
  • meds screw w/ appitite   
some people invent illnesses that they suposedly have that makes them not eat (diabetis, allregic, lattosentlerant, fake illness...ext)

good luck! ~E

tons of tricks for tricking the fam

this is something i cant find like, anywhere! all the anas are at collage! they dont need to trick anyone! luckys..... anyway, i have a very large family, 13 sibblings 2 parents....yeah they are all educated on anorexia, because my older sister had it(16y). so if i can trick them you can trick yours:)

*never talk about food. if you are caught in a food related conversation--change the conversation!!! they might catch you saying you hate a food you suposidly love!

*never talk about your body image! never say yuo think your fat, or need to diet! or even that your skinny!

* wear baggie clothes, so they dont see your getting thin

*dont all of the sudden change your diet! start by drinking water, then once they are used to it start eating healthy. dont all of the sudden go vegan on them!

when you need to skip a big meal that your family is having, tell them you and your friend are going to luch, then you A) go to friends house and tell them u ate at home, or B)go out walking/exrecising.

*if you usualy eat some kind of snack every day, make that snack, then throw it out and leave the wraper/dishes were you usualy do

*get busy! join the soccer team! join a drama club! something that will keep you busy and you can skip meals while your there! if you cant join a team (money...ext) get a hobbie, or a likeing of something (reading at the library, walking, hiking, ...ext).

*DO NOT act like you have cut out sugar from your life! so like, if your close friend/sibbling says, "hey you wanna bake cookise like we do alot?" BAKE THE DANG COOKIES!

hope these help! if you need any advice i left out--comment! ~E

helpful products

these will help you loose weight,no joke!

1) GREEN TEA!!!!!! this is awesome for you! green tea boosts your metabolisam alot. and zero cals plus you can get your sweetener in there!(im refuring to a different post that talks about how sweetener tricks your body into thinging its food). if you are not,not,not a tea fan, you can get tablits that work better and faster, the best one is :  its cheep and they have to sell it to you(i once tried to buy a weight lose product but i had to be 18! wtf?!?! there is a slight side affect, you get a little nasues for like 5 minutes, and you have to exrecise with this product. ~E  more posts tomarrow! new blog sorry <:) follow me i wont disapoint you!

how to hate ceirtain bad-for-you foods

this took me a while, along with personal babysitting experiences  o~0  but i hope it helps!

1) meat, did you know that in beef, they put in the tails of the animals? and that in meat--all kinds!--the law states you are allowed to have 4 rodent hairs per 5 grams? so yeah, your eating dead animal hair! and that when they mix up the prossessed animal meat they take a can of animal fat, and POUR IT IN.

2)dairy. all dairy comes from milk which comes from cows. imagion a cows filthy uters, and human hands with dirty fingers squeeseing them, imagion fatty clumped up wads of warm milk, going into a has-been-used and has-not-been-washed pail. now imagion that every time you eat something dairy. (sorry if this is gross, but thats kinda the point<:))

3)bread: think about flies. they are gross, landing in garbage and peeing evertime they land(true fact), now imagion agross fly, go and sit on a stalk of grain. now think of that stalk sitting there in the sun with ticks at its feet and flies in the air. now think of it getting 'prossessed' aka crushed and shaped in filthy mechines. then landing on your plat and in your mouth.

you can also think about fat people eating food,with their arms right in frount of their mouth, and their fat behind them. think about really gross smells,(i think about the smell of burning flesh when i see pizza(i had lazor syrgery once, so i can recall the smell)), like spoiled milk or pee. it really works! i now hate the smell of food and it makes me nasuse.
      you can request things for my to discust-afy i always love a chalenge>:)  good luck!~E

foods to avoid

heres a list for ya;)

1) breads. yup, the most eaten food in america(i think....:)) ! bread is dangerous to us anas, it is absorbed really quickly, so it takes ALOT of chowing to relize your full. so avoid any bread products (cereal, crackers, toast, miffins...ext).

2) has loads of fat and colesteral! tons of it! avoid dairy whenever you can! cheese is a MAJOR dont! lots of fat! lots of it! hehehe...sorry i sound like a maniac  <:)

3) high cal food.  .....for obvious reasons. also avoid high sodium foods and high carb foods, they slow metabolisam and are generaly bad for your health.

4)meat. sure meat is loaded with protein, but it has alot of fat--and guess what? fat makes you fat<:(  but really, do you even know how they make that stuff?????? il tell u that in "how to hate food" .

good luck! and remember, that 1st one is vital~E

work out plan

you might have a different schedule then me, because im home schooled :P  but il tell you what you can do:)

*walk. walk,walk,walk,walk,walk! you see, walking burns alot of cals, and its way easyer than running. i walk for about an hour a day, i track how many calories i burn with my ipod nano, (the tiny touch screen). the key to burning alot of calories is going for a long time, sure you can run a 10 minute mile, but that sucks! walk around that unknow part of your town--its fun! plus, you burn 6 calories walking per minute(if you are the average weight that is)!

*thigh exercise! i found this book called "thin thighs in thirty days" i didnt want to go buy it--yeah in that lazy:P--so i googled the exercises!  WAIT!!! i just wanted to tell you before you go, that on exercise 1,you burn more fat by keeping them in one place (straight) in sted of going up and down. on exercise 2, do not hold your foot! put your arms behind you, and hold your leg up like shown. on #3,that ones fine, #4 is fine too, #5 just keep your leg elevated, dont move it #6 is good. what i do, is the first 2 days i did each exercise for 30 seconds, 2 ttimes, twice a day, and now i do them for 2 minutes each, 3 times a day--dont worry they DO get easyer, iv been at them for 1 week and i already see results!

* belly! i dont do much belly, but here are my exercises: 1) candle sticks! i lay on my back with my hands palm down by my sides, i put my feet up like an "L" and i raise my feet/but up and down 50 times. you need to squeese your abs for this.2) crunchies! you probs know how to do thesse, put butt and LOWER back on the floor, arms by knees, legs at 90' angle, lay back(but dont touch uper back) and straighten legs so you are in a "hollow". i do 100 of these a day, but you can start with 50.

*my last exrecise is "bed ups". basicly push ups but i rest my arms on a low table or bed. these are mainly to work your abs rather then your arms--because i want skinny arms not buff arms;). i do 25 of these a day

any questions, feel free to comment :) ~E

how to fight fasting fitgue

what happens to most newbies around day 3 of the pro ana diet, is fitgue. you wake up all hot and shaky and dizzy, you cant stand, you might barf--sound fun? no!!! heres how to prevent it!:

1) take multi-vitamins, they keep your body in order.
2) SWEETENERS!!!!!!! your body crashes cause your not getting enough SUGAR! the crashing part is your bodys metabolisam slowing, and your body persearving evreything for food! so, always add sweetener--aka fake sugar-- to your tea, cereal, everthing you can!
3) diet coke!!!!!! deit coke is your saviour! it has no cals and no sugar...just sweetener. my family doest but coke, so i have a bottle hidden in my room, i just take a swig from it when ever i get the littlest bit shaky or light headed. it WORKS!!!
4) never skip meals. even if you only have a stick of celery, never skip it! 

theses rules aply for EVERYDAY, not just crash days. do this and you will never go through the sh/it i did.   ~E

what to eat

*you should never completely stop eating, because if you do your metabolisam slows down(metabolisam is what burns calories, the faster your metabolisam, the more and faster caloreis you burn), so, you want to aim for eating 3, 50 calorie meals.

*water!!!!! water is your GOD okay? you should drink at least five glasses a day. water has zero calories--its pure nothingness, but we need it to stay hydrated, and it makes you full. i always drink 2 glasses before every meal.

*you always want to eat low cal foods like fruits and veggies, they are, well, low cal:), and they fill you up, and they have very little or no carbs, no fat--nothing. 

*spice. this is a weird one. you awlways want to put spice on your food if you can--i mean, if you have to eat pasta with the fam of whatever, put on pepper, or chilli-pepper or something spicey. because, spicey foods boost you metabolisam!

* personal faves. personaly my fave foods are: celery. this is AWESOME for you!!! its ZERO calories, fastest filler-uper, and its texture is hard for your body to digest, so your body BURNS CALORIES EATING IT. carrots. carrots are real good for your body, they do have cals, they are not as good for you as celery, but they have vitamins that your body needs.

*vitamins. you should AWLWAYS take your multi vitamins. with out them you body starts to shut down, just take 2 vitamins every day, to usure that you still function.


*3, 50 cal meals a day,
* drink 5 glasses of water MINIMUM.
*fruits and veggies are a must!
*mostly celery and carrots though!
*spice up you family foods!
*take your vitamins!

good luck! il be happy to answer any comments ~E


Dear ana's, 
my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana.
i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny.