Dear ana's, my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana. i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny. ~E

Saturday, June 1, 2013

You should read this before anything else

I just wanted to update saying that you can email me with questions, problematic situations, or just to talk! I'm very good at advice and listening! But i wanted to let you all know that almost everything in this blog is unsafe, you can read at your own risk. Being anorexic (which i assume you aren't--not yet at least) i feel guilty about putting all this out there to read because it can take a toll on you. If you develop an eating disorder your life will NEVER. BE. THE SAME. Believe me when i say that. But it's YOUR body, you can do to it whatever you want. just be careful is all i'm saying--and remember that you can talk to me!
take care,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Trick To Curb Your Hunger

this is another simple trick I use to curb my appetite,

I look and see how many calories are in what ever I want to eat, then I imagine that each calorie is a *gulp* spoonful of stomach fluid. A.K.A. throw up. 

I stumbled across this one day while i was reading an article about a Bulimic woman who died after her stomach ripped after eating 3 and 1/2 liters of food, she wanted to throw it up but it was so much food that she died on the bathroom floor. yeah, creepy.

Any ways, they showed us a picture of what was in her stomach, and i thought, "Imagine how many calories are in that." And that's how i came up with this. Think of each calorie as a spoonful of stomach fluid, look up pictures of the gross stuff, this will help you at least eat lower calorie foods! good luck, and stay strong! ~E

the salt game

This is a game I am just starting myself, its a game to help you avoid a binge, its really quite simple and I hope it helps!

When ever you binge, you simply go into the bathroom, and make a drink, consisting of salt, and warm water. and you drink it. In case you don't already know this, salt water is AWFUL. It is probably the worst thing i have ever tasted!!!! The reason i have tasted it before, is because it is so vile that it is an instant-puke concoction. Your body literally rejects it. That's why its perfect for the Salt Game. Every time you binge, drink some salt water, this will not only probably make you puke, it also makes you dread binging. it makes you stop and think, "is this really worth the pain of the Salt???" And trust me, it NEVER is. 

So this game is really simple; eat, drink salt water. the end. If you really CAN'T STAND the salt water, you could always chew Aspirin, they taste awful, but not as bad as salt, which i still recommend.  Any questions or comments I'll be happy to take:) Stay strong lovelies!! ~E

Monday, December 17, 2012


these are important things to know if you are trying to lose weight, and its just really good to know them:

BMI: your BMI stands for Body Mass Index, its basically what percentage of your body, is fat. its nice to know this when comparing to people,(in your case probably Ana-buddies) that are different ages of heights. if your BMI is, 18.5 to 24.99 , you are normal, a good weight. if you are any higher, you are obese, if you are any lower, you are underweight. but we Ana's like to be in the 'under weight' category:) .  here is a calculator that will help you find your BMI: 

BMR: your BMR isn't as important or used, but it is out there, so i thought you should know what it is. BMR, is how many calories your body burns in a day. because your body burns calories every second even if your doing nothing. this calculator will help you see how many calories you burn while doing nothing. like, lying in bed not moving: 

i hope this helps, if you didn't all ready know this. its really good to track your BMI, because we are all aiming towards that underweight category, this will tell you if you are there or not. ~E

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

how to NOT binge

this is maybe the hardest thing, for me anyway.
       if you can see food in sight, and you really want to eat it, chances are, you arent thinking straight! there is that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that its gross, its bad for you, your better than this, think of what its made of.....but you dont listen to it because all you can think about is how good it would taste to eat it.
         what you can try, (it works for me)is go into the fridge, and eat a stalk of celery. it will give you time to really go over what you wanted/want to do. you can also, make your self some tea, anything to keep you mouth busy and away from that delicious fat.
            also, if you know that you are going to have the opportunity to eat junk (mom says shes going to buy donuts...ext), paint your nails. sounds weird i know, but havent you ever noticed that you are always more careful with your hands after you have your nails done? your more delicate with what you touch. this will make you think about what your hands are doing when you eat. and, the chemical smells that the nail polish smells like will curb your appetite.
           test your self. look at the cookies, sniff them touch them even! look at them with disgust, if you can do this with out eating them, its like winning something inside, it makes you feel more confident that you can resist.
           REWARD YOURSELF!!! you beat the hunger baby! your strong, your thin, your a True Ana! congratulate yourself by doing some crunchies, work of those calories you didnt eat!!! just remember; dont eat the cookies! its NEVER worth it! if you need any help with self control, have ideas about what i should write about, have any questions or just need to talk to someone who gets you, you can email me(email adress found in the 'contact me' column), stay strong my sweets:) ~E

the calorie game

i call this, "the calorie game". its a 'game' that rewards you for exercising.  you first get a box or jar or piggy bank, then, another. here is how you play:
   every time you exercise, see how many calories you burned, either by looking it up or using a pedometer..ext. for every 10 calories you burn, but a penny (1 cent or 0.01 for USA dollars), in the jar. (example:burned 450 cals =$ 0.45) if you keep up the exercise you will continue to earn alot of money, when the jar is full, use the money to buy something lovely for your self!
    BUT, if you binge, or eat when you dont have to, take away the amount of calories you consumed, and put it in the other jar(example: eat a cookie 150 cals= -$0.15.) then, at the end of the month, put all the money in the second jar, into a poor box/donation. this will motivate you not to binge and its kinda fun to see all the calories you burned in money form:)  RULE!: you can also after a binge, exercise EXTRA to earn the money back from the poor jar(if you enjoy giving money to the poor, you can change the poor box to a sibling-charity or something else you hate.
    hope this game will motivate you:) ~E

Monday, December 10, 2012

a side affect (for girls)of the pro ana life style

i thought i should mention this, because when it first happened to me i freaking flipped out!
     if you are a return ana you might already know this but if your new, itl jump you. after a while eating pro ana, your periods will stop. you might start flipping out thinking you maybe got pregers or something--YOU DIDNT! this is just your body preserving all the iron in your body, once you start fasting/cutting back, your body wont be able to give stuff away so easily. this does not mean you cant have children!!!!!! i know people who have missed periods for up to a year, once they start eating again, the peroids will come back!!!!! but, if you miss periods for a long long time, there is a big chance you cant have kids, and a big chance of miscarages.
    just thought i should let you know because when this happened to me i had no clue what to think(im still a virgan so....). ~E