Dear ana's, my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana. i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny. ~E

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Trick To Curb Your Hunger

this is another simple trick I use to curb my appetite,

I look and see how many calories are in what ever I want to eat, then I imagine that each calorie is a *gulp* spoonful of stomach fluid. A.K.A. throw up. 

I stumbled across this one day while i was reading an article about a Bulimic woman who died after her stomach ripped after eating 3 and 1/2 liters of food, she wanted to throw it up but it was so much food that she died on the bathroom floor. yeah, creepy.

Any ways, they showed us a picture of what was in her stomach, and i thought, "Imagine how many calories are in that." And that's how i came up with this. Think of each calorie as a spoonful of stomach fluid, look up pictures of the gross stuff, this will help you at least eat lower calorie foods! good luck, and stay strong! ~E

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  1. Wow , I never wound have thought of that if you hadn't mentioned it . That's very creative . I'll have to try that .