Dear ana's, my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana. i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny. ~E

Friday, December 7, 2012

tons of tricks for tricking the fam

this is something i cant find like, anywhere! all the anas are at collage! they dont need to trick anyone! luckys..... anyway, i have a very large family, 13 sibblings 2 parents....yeah they are all educated on anorexia, because my older sister had it(16y). so if i can trick them you can trick yours:)

*never talk about food. if you are caught in a food related conversation--change the conversation!!! they might catch you saying you hate a food you suposidly love!

*never talk about your body image! never say yuo think your fat, or need to diet! or even that your skinny!

* wear baggie clothes, so they dont see your getting thin

*dont all of the sudden change your diet! start by drinking water, then once they are used to it start eating healthy. dont all of the sudden go vegan on them!

when you need to skip a big meal that your family is having, tell them you and your friend are going to luch, then you A) go to friends house and tell them u ate at home, or B)go out walking/exrecising.

*if you usualy eat some kind of snack every day, make that snack, then throw it out and leave the wraper/dishes were you usualy do

*get busy! join the soccer team! join a drama club! something that will keep you busy and you can skip meals while your there! if you cant join a team (money...ext) get a hobbie, or a likeing of something (reading at the library, walking, hiking, ...ext).

*DO NOT act like you have cut out sugar from your life! so like, if your close friend/sibbling says, "hey you wanna bake cookise like we do alot?" BAKE THE DANG COOKIES!

hope these help! if you need any advice i left out--comment! ~E

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