Dear ana's, my name is eileen, and i am pro-ana. i wanted to start this blog, because when i first became an anorexic, i needed tips, advice! i had a hard time finding useful imformation, now i have gathered as much imfo as i can, and im here to share it with you. my tips are very useful and affective, i hpoe they will help you through your jounrey to skinny. ~E

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the calorie game

i call this, "the calorie game". its a 'game' that rewards you for exercising.  you first get a box or jar or piggy bank, then, another. here is how you play:
   every time you exercise, see how many calories you burned, either by looking it up or using a pedometer..ext. for every 10 calories you burn, but a penny (1 cent or 0.01 for USA dollars), in the jar. (example:burned 450 cals =$ 0.45) if you keep up the exercise you will continue to earn alot of money, when the jar is full, use the money to buy something lovely for your self!
    BUT, if you binge, or eat when you dont have to, take away the amount of calories you consumed, and put it in the other jar(example: eat a cookie 150 cals= -$0.15.) then, at the end of the month, put all the money in the second jar, into a poor box/donation. this will motivate you not to binge and its kinda fun to see all the calories you burned in money form:)  RULE!: you can also after a binge, exercise EXTRA to earn the money back from the poor jar(if you enjoy giving money to the poor, you can change the poor box to a sibling-charity or something else you hate.
    hope this game will motivate you:) ~E

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