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Friday, December 7, 2012

how to hate ceirtain bad-for-you foods

this took me a while, along with personal babysitting experiences  o~0  but i hope it helps!

1) meat, did you know that in beef, they put in the tails of the animals? and that in meat--all kinds!--the law states you are allowed to have 4 rodent hairs per 5 grams? so yeah, your eating dead animal hair! and that when they mix up the prossessed animal meat they take a can of animal fat, and POUR IT IN.

2)dairy. all dairy comes from milk which comes from cows. imagion a cows filthy uters, and human hands with dirty fingers squeeseing them, imagion fatty clumped up wads of warm milk, going into a has-been-used and has-not-been-washed pail. now imagion that every time you eat something dairy. (sorry if this is gross, but thats kinda the point<:))

3)bread: think about flies. they are gross, landing in garbage and peeing evertime they land(true fact), now imagion agross fly, go and sit on a stalk of grain. now think of that stalk sitting there in the sun with ticks at its feet and flies in the air. now think of it getting 'prossessed' aka crushed and shaped in filthy mechines. then landing on your plat and in your mouth.

you can also think about fat people eating food,with their arms right in frount of their mouth, and their fat behind them. think about really gross smells,(i think about the smell of burning flesh when i see pizza(i had lazor syrgery once, so i can recall the smell)), like spoiled milk or pee. it really works! i now hate the smell of food and it makes me nasuse.
      you can request things for my to discust-afy i always love a chalenge>:)  good luck!~E

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  1. Oh my god thanx so much . I was actually going to get something to eat . But um..... No thank you this could help a lot .